Community Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

Community Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

Community Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

During our May Community Outreach Day, a team of 8-10 people went to the Elizabeth Canty Apartments to share the Gospel. The team split up into groups of two or three. A couple teams went around to different apartments while the others set up a table to pass out 200 slices of pizza!

While they were there, one of the leaders, Tre Rager, and a friend encountered a man, who was known as the father of the neighborhood. Tre and his friend prayed that God would increase the man’s wisdom as a father and allow him to minister to more and more people in his neighborhood.

A little while later, they encountered a few teenagers. Tre received a word of knowledge that one of the teenager’s parents had been praying for her to have a stronger faith in God. Tre shared this with her and her eyes grew wide. She couldn’t believe that God could show up in this way! She listened intently, wanting to know everything God had to say to her. Tre and his friend shared about Jesus and asked if they could pray for her. As they prayed over the girl, her eyes welled up with tears. God really spoke to her and ministered to her heart.

Sometimes all we need to do is stop for the one, and God will do the rest.

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TTC led me out of darkness and into the love I’ve longed for my entire life, the love of JESUS.  They’ve taught me to love like Jesus by walking out my created purpose.  My Spirit has been healed, I am whole, because of their obedience to do God’s will.  They have introduced me to and welcomed me into a powerful tribe of women that love Jesus with their whole heart.  Women that strengthen, teach, support, and encourage one another with the power and authority given by the Holy Spirit.  I am eternally grateful for their ministry and humbled to be called family.

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